Request a Permit


Obtaining a permit requires a review of your paperwork by the following Divisions of the Land Use Department:

  • Building Division (they will review architectural plans & issue the permit)
  • Code Enforcement (they will check for any code violations on file for the property)
  • Development Review (they will check Zoning & Engineering Standards)
  • Resource Recovery & Energy (they will check for any IEPA violations on file for the property)


In addition to these internal Divisions, the following agencies may need to give their approval for your permit:


  • Fire Department
  • Highway Authority (Driveway entrance, Road bond)
  • Health Department (Well & Septic)
  • 9-1-1 (Addressing)
  • School, Library & Park District (Impact fees)- When building on a lot in a subdivision created
  • after October 1973.



Please consult with the Development Review Division prior to applying for any permit.  This is to ensure that any proposal complies with the Zoning regulations as well as Engineering regulations.  We do not want you to incur expenses for the creation of architectural drawings, grading & site plan drawings, and/or plan review fees(required to be paid at time of application) only to find out that the project is not viable.   So, please discuss your project with them first.


Development Review Division
58 E. Clinton Street, Suite 500
Joliet, IL 60423
815-774-3386 (fax)





All applications must be submitted in person to the Land Use Department. Plan review fees will be associated with your application request.  Our Office accepts cash, check or credit card.

Below is a list of the most common permits we issue.  Please click on the link for more information including the permit application:


Agricultural Permits:


Residential Permits:


Commercial & Industrial Permits: